Past event - 2019
20 May Doors 18:30
Event 19:00-21:00
Five Suns Brewing, 701 Escobar St. STE C,
Martinez 94553
Why is there science and where did it come from? Water you talking about? Better wear a helmet when you join us for this discussion! We will attempt to understand the origins of science, the impact of impacts on our brains and how we are dealing with our most precious resource, water. 

Why Is There Science, and Where Did It Come From?

Charles Gray (English Instructor, Philosopher, Critic)
The Greek poets listened to their muses and gave us such dramatic, exotic, and
beautiful accounts of the cosmos, and the role of humans in it, that we still thrill to them
after nearly three thousand years. Not until Bacon, Galileo, and Descartes did we begin to suspect that the Greeks had missed a few points. Their reset of intellectual speculation shattered the static, Aristotelian understanding of the world and replaced it with what has become the inquiry known as science.

Water You Talking About? Myths and facts about our world's most vital resource

Dr. Joe Charbonnet (Science and Policy Associate at Green Science Policy Institute, Berkeley)
Is bottled water really safer than tap water? Why don't we all have rain barrels? What the heck happened in Flint? Dr. Charbonnet will answer this and other questions about urban water systems. Clean water is essential, has extend our lifespans by decades, and yet is delivered to our homes for pennies. This miracle of engineering goes largely unnoticed, but is now threatened by droughts, sea level rise, tight budgets, and new toxic chemicals. In this talk we will discuss how high tech and elegantly simple innovations will transform our water systems in our lifetimes.

Mild Traumatic Brain injury

Michael Stein (Neurologist)
About 2.5 million people in the United States sustain a traumatic brain injury every year. Most, 75-95%, are mild.In this presentation I plan to discuss diagnosis, epidemiology, treatment and prognosis. If time permits, other subjects such as Sports Related TBI will be discussed.

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