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From Atoms to Galaxies (and everything in between)

Past event - 2018
14 May Doors open at 7 pm event starts at 7.30pm
Profile Coffee Bar 15 Portwalk Place,
Portsmouth 03801
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Atoms are really, really tiny, and galaxies…well, they are really big. How is it possible to take pictures of such tiny things? And how can we engineer atoms to make a useful device?  How can we study something as big as a galaxy? Come find out the answers to these and many more questions. 

Taking Pictures of Atoms

Prof. Shawna Hollen (Assistant Professor of Physics/Materials Science)
Atoms make up every physical thing we interact with every day—but they are so small they cannot be seen even with the most powerful light microscopes. To image atoms, we combine equal parts quantum mechanics and mechanical ingenuity—and this technique, called scanning tunneling microscopy, actually works! The arrangement of atoms determines the shape and feel of objects. Scanning tunneling microscopy has given us great insight into how materials behave and how to control them. Come see how this powerful research tool allows us to ‘take pictures’ of atoms

Edible Electronics

Prof. Young Jo Kim (Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering)
Edible electronics are trending as next-generation biomedical devices which can be swallowed, just like vitamin tablets. However, the regular batteries used in edible devices may be troublesome when these devices get lodged in the digestive tract. Electrodes based on biomaterials could be used as a safer power source. This talk will give an idea about the future of edible electronics devices while addressing some current challenges.

Making Galaxies

Prof. David Mattingly (Assistant Professor of Physics)
Galaxies can be massive structures, over 100,000 light years across and containing hundreds of millions of stars. Amazingly, they started out as very small structures: tiny quantum mechanical fluctuations in the early universe. This talk will briefly give the history of how structures such as galaxies form in our universe, with a focus on the physical reasons why small things can grow to be very large.