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Let's talk about vaccines, shall we?

22 May Doors 18:00
Event 18:30-20:30
Pastoli's Pizza, Pasta & Paisans, 1900 Murray Ave,
Pittsburgh 15217
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The Science of Increasing Vaccination Rates

Gretchen Chapman (Professor, Carnegie Mellon University)
Vaccination is the most effective method to prevent many infectious diseases, and yet vaccine hesitancy and low vaccination rates result in outbreaks of measles and other preventable diseases. What does behavioral science tell us about the most effective methods to boost vaccination rates? Should we provide clear education about the safety and efficacy of vaccines to change beliefs and attitudes? Or should we focus on behavior directly by using reminders, defaults, and incentives? Come find out which techniques works best.

Vaccines and Ghosts

Basil Zitelli (Professor of Pediatrics, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine)
I plan to discuss the importance of vaccines in the history of human health (briefly), how vaccines have changed the face of our concept of many current illnesses, briefly show the efficacy of current childhood vaccines and briefly discuss some of the mythology about vaccines. I encourage thoughtful questions.

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1900 Murray Ave, Pittsburgh, 15217 1900 Murray Ave, Pittsburgh, 15217
1900 Murray Ave, Pittsburgh, 15217 1900 Murray Ave, Pittsburgh, 15217