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Monday Night Event

This event will be streamed live to the Pint of Science US YouTube and Facebook accounts.
Past event - 2020
07 Sep 8pm EDT
7pm CDT
5pm PDT
Live, Facebook and YouTube,
Online Your Home
Live! Monday, September 7th. Join us on Facebook and YouTube for our first Pint @ Home event!

There is no need to book a ticket, but if you would like a reminder email about the event please book. Alternatively, just head to our YouTube or Facebook page by clicking on the logos to access the live stream on Monday Sep 7th at 8pm EDT, 7pm CDT, 5pm PDT.

Stay tuned for our special "Zoom Rooms" where you can chat with the scientists after the event!

Using Structural Biology to Unravel the Mysteries of dsDNA Virus Assembly

Christal Davies (PhD candidate in Structural Biology and Biochemistry, University of Colorado, Anschutz)
Christal was born and raised in California and moved to Colorado to pursue a BS in Biology and Chemistry. She is pursuing her PhD in Structural Biology and Biochemistry at Anschutz Medical Campus, in the Catalano Lab, which uses every means possible to understand the virus assembly process of bacteriophage lambda. Her primary research goal is using structural biological techniques to describe the intermolecular interactions that drive the virus capsid assembly and genome packaging processes, both of which are highly conserved among dsDNA viruses (like herpesviruse and adenoviruses).

AI Needs You!

Sakshi Mishra (AI researcher at National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL))
Sakshi is an energy and AI researcher working on developing Artificial Intelligence based solutions for enabling large-scale clean energy integration into the smart grid. She works at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) as an Energy – Optimization and Analytics researcher. She is the development lead for the REopt Lite API and its recent open-source effort. Sakshi is also part of NREL's Intelligent Campus project where she leads predictive analytics research and development using Machine Learning.

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Facebook and YouTube, Online, Your Home, United States Facebook and YouTube, Online, Your Home, United States
08 Sep

Tuesday Night Event

Atoms 18 Exploring Space
Facebook and YouTube, Online, Your Home, United States Facebook and YouTube, Online, Your Home, United States