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Past event - 2019
22 May Doors 18:30
Event 19:00-21:00
Mac's Pizza Pub, 604 Main Street,
Covington 41011

Infant Eating and Parental Feeding Behaviors During the First Year

Cathy Stough (Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati)
Infant eating behavior, caregiver feeding behavior, and infant growth during the first months of life have a significant impact on diet and weight across the entire lifespan. Use of a responsive feeding style, in which caregivers are attuned to infant hunger and satiety cues, may promote healthy eating, healthy growth, and development of an infant’s own appetite regulation. Practical strategies parents can use to promote healthy infant eating will also be a focus, such as how to respond to infant hunger and satiety cues and how to introduce solid foods.

The maternal brain under stress

Sandra Zoubovsky (MD/PhD Student, University of Cincinnati)
The postpartum period represents a time of increased susceptibility to mood disorders. In fact, postpartum depression can affect up to 20% of mothers and have devastating consequences for both mother and child. While stress has been identified as a major risk factor for postpartum depression, how it contributes to its development remains poorly understood. By understanding how stress affects the maternal neuroendocrine system we hope to be able to identify novel targets for therapeutic intervention.

Other events in Mac's Pizza Pub

604 Main Street, Covington, 41011 604 Main Street, Covington, 41011
604 Main Street, Covington, 41011 604 Main Street, Covington, 41011
21 May
Cincinnati, OH

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