Past event - 2024
14 May Doors open at 6:30 PM
Event starts at 7:00 PM
True Anomaly Brewing Co., 2012 Dallas St, Houston (TX), TX 77003
Embark on a journey at the cutting edge of genetic science! Discover how CRISPR is revolutionizing medicine, offering precision in gene editing. Unveil the transformative potential of unlocking genetic mysteries, turning them into powerful weapons against disease and addiction. Together, these topics promise a future where genetic insights pave the way for targeted therapies and addiction prevention strategies.

Converting Genetic Dark Matter into Cancer Snipers and Trackers for Predicting & Preventing Opioid Addiction

Preethi Gunaratne (Moores Professor, Director of UH-SEQ)
Sakuni Rankothgedera (Ph.D. Student, Lead Scientist at UH-SEQ)
When the Human Genome was completed in the Year 2000 it was hailed as ‘not the beginning of the end but only the end of the beginning’ with the best of discoveries yet to come. One of the biggest surprises in 2000 was that 98% of the genome consisted of ‘junk DNA’ that could not code for proteins. Discover the story of those of us who took advantage of rapid advances in DNA sequencing technologies, to go digging in the trash to uncover and leverage genetic ‘Dark Matter’ to design mRNA vaccines and microRNA trackers for the treatment and prevention of cancer and Opioid Overuse Disorder (OUD).

CRISPR: A Revolution in Medecine

Chrysa Latrick (Research Assistant Professor - UH)
The CRISPR enzyme is part of an adaptive immune system for bacteria where it acts as a pair of molecular scissors to destroy any invading genetic material. Discover the story of how this bacterial enzyme is being harnessed to fix genetic diseases, and the future of gene therapies.
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