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Quantum World: from Fundamentals to Applications

Past event - 2024
13 May Doors open at 6:30 PM
Event starts at 7:00 PM
True Anomaly Brewing Co., 2012 Dallas St, Houston (TX), TX 77003
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From super-hero and science-fiction movies to the latest news on technology advances, the term "quantum" is now encountered everywhere. But what is actually the quantum world? How can we employ its laws to enhance our technologies? Thanks to our speakers, you will learn how elementary particles are used to know more about the fundamental interaction ruling our Universe, what quantum computing is actually about and where we're at in its development nowadays.

Recreating the Big Bang in the Laboratory

Rene Bellwied (M.D. Anderson Chair Professor - UH)
Can we study the beginning of the universe in today's experiments after 13.8 Billion years have passed? If so, how? We will explain how modern day high energy laboratories can recreate the macroscopic evolution of matter on the scale of stars and galaxies, by studying collisions between microscopic particles that were accelerated to close to the speed of light. We will show the large sophisticated accelerator facilities and experiments that had to be built to measure the very early phase of our universe, and demonstrate the universality between the smallest and the largest structures known to mankind and their interactions. We will finally talk about the latest discoveries that shed light on many open scientific questions related to the fate of matter and life in the universe...

Quantum Computers: What Are They Good For?

Rubem Mondaini (Assistant Professor - UH)
The buzz surrounding quantum computing has been growing exponentially. Yet, when it comes to practical applications—such as the factorization of large numbers, which is fundamental to modern cryptography—the progress seems to be trailing expectations. As this nascent technology continues to evolve, one might wonder about the types of problems it can effectively address. Rubem will provide a comprehensive overview of the most compelling applications that have been demonstrated using quantum computers to date. Additionally, he will offer insights into what we might anticipate in the coming years.
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